Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adam just finished OT again. Our therapist has met another therapist who knows more about WS. That makes me feel a little better. We have been working on lot of things, but now I think we will know a little more about what to concentrate on. Adam needs to learn the basics that most babies are born knowing. Adam can roll over, but he does not roll all the way over. He can sit, but he can not get himself into a sitting position. He can be on his hands and knees, but he can not get himself in that position. So we are going to really start concentrating on those areas. He is getting strong and loves to jump holding on to my fingers. We have just got to learn to teach him the basics.
Last night he was very vocal. So I started making sounds and he would do the same sound. I started saying mamamama and he said dadadada! That was the first time I have heard him say dadada. He finally would do mamama and then we would switch to dadadada. He is also strating to do babababa. Of course this morning for the therapist he would not do any of the sounds!

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