Monday, September 29, 2008

How is Adam? He is GREAT!

“If they ask about me, just tell them I am cute that’s all they need to know!” I read that on another blog and thought - yes! that is what I need to say!

People are always asking me How is Adam? And I always respond “Great, he is so sweet”. Sometimes what I would like to say is well, he is great, however he is 16 months old, he is not walking, crawling, talking. He does not eat or sleep great. We have OT. He need PT and ST. He has 9 specialist with more to add down the road, but all in all … he is Great! And we are great too and very blessed!” However, people do not want to hear that. I think since they see Adam and he seems like everything is fine, they do not want to hear the real stuff! I think this is the same for everything. Most people when they ask How you are? How are the boys? It is better to say great instead of telling the truth, but with special needs kids it is harder to do. You want people to know how special they are and also why some days I am in a daze because I have hit my max that day! I can only handle so much on some days. Adam takes top billing at our house. But Jake and Matt also have issues to deal with too! A couple of Mondays ago, Adam had not slept but a couple hours so I was exhausted, I had a parent/teacher conference for Jake, Matt was refusing to go to soccer and was really acting out in a middle child way in front of several people one of which told me I needed to throw in the towel on soccer (that went over well) and I still had work to try and concentrate on! Needless to say that by the end of the day I was closed to tears and my brain was full! I could not process another thought, concern or problem. Luckily everyone slept that night and I got a good night sleep and I woke up ready to tackle the world again. And Matt is playing soccer with no problem … glad I did not throw the towel in! J
The one thing I will say God has helped me with in the past 16 months is the strength to take on a new day. If I have a “pity day” I get myself up in the morning and look at the wonderful things in my life and know we will get through it! “We” – as in Craig and I and Jake and Matt and Adam! We are in it together.
So I will go back to saying – How is Adam – “He is great, he is so sweet and we are so blessed. “ The rest we will handle as a family!

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