Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Adam slept through the night for the FIRST Time in 16 months on Saturday night! I did not know whether to laugh or cry. It freaked Craig and I out totally! I have told everyone I know that Adam slept through the night. They look at me like I am crazy. I do not think that anyone really understands that he have NEVER slept through the night! I think people, friends, family think we make it up. Everyday at work I have someone talk about how tired they are. I do not think they truly understand what it is like to never get a full nights sleep. We have been very lucky that my in-laws have kept Adam once or twice every week for almost a year. One for us to get sleep and for Jake and matt to get sleep. My mother in law keeps Adam two days a week while I work. As much as we miss him, it does help in keeping some normalcy to our life.
I have been with my two best friends a lot over the past few weeks. We all have kids the same ages. They both had babies in Jan and Feb this year. Both babies are passing Adam in all the things they can do. That has been really hard. They are both crawling and pulling up and moving around so much more. I am happy for my friends, because both these babies are precious! They are the only baby girls I have in my life and I enjoy them, but everytime I am around them I realize more and more how delayed Adam really is.... how do I change this , what do I do to help him. We work with him on a daily basis, but he is just not getting more mobile on his own.
He is getting more verbal. He has now started squeezing me and biting my shoulder if I do not do what he wants. Now the biting is not a good thing, however, I am so excited he is trying to communicate with me! Yay Adam!

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