Monday, September 29, 2008

Missing my boys

This weekend I had time away from all three boys. I enjoyed my freedom and the quiet around me, however, as much as I am always craving time to myself I always miss them terribly!
My oldest, Jake , went on a church retreat for the weekend. It was his first time away from home for two nights without being with family. He was so anxious about going on Friday I was a little worried he might not make it the whole weekend. But he did! He had so much fun and was so exhausted last night!
My sweet hubby took Adam and Matt to the farm this weekend. they had a great time also. They got to fish and ride the golf cart. I am sure Adam was held the whole time. His grandparents and aunt and uncle were down there too!
I went to the lake with girls Friday and hung out , went to dinner and enjoyed the company with no kids. Between all of us we have 13 kids!
I got home Saturday and spent yesterday cleaning out the boys closets to get ready for fall. I say get ready for fall. It is 90 here today! AGHHH! We were teased last week with cool weather and now it is summer again!
Adam got home last night and was so sweet. He kept looking at me. Everytime I would turn my head to talk to Matt - Adam would lean closer to get me to look at him again. He is eating good and sleeping good right now. We always go through phases. We will have several weeks where things settle down and Adam will sleep and eat and I feel like we can breath. AND then we turn another corner and we go through weeks of no eating , no sleeping and being very fussy and I start getting that fear again .... "Am I going to be able to handle ws and everything involved with it?" I like to think that God gives me little spurts of WS. He gives me a break to get my head back on straight and once I am settled he throws a little more at me. I know this is the best way for me to handle this. Adam has taught me so much in the past 16 months. I have always been pretty selfish and he has made me learn to look at things differently and accept what is around me. I know I have a very blessed life. I have a very loving husband , who is a very doting and helpful father. I have three very special children , who make me smile everyday. We have a wonderful support system of friends and family. So with all of this I know I can handle anything that comes our way. I might have bad days, but I still have to put on my big girl pants and head on! :)

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